OCR Xpress - OCR library for Java, C, C++, and Node.js


OCR Xpress is an OCR library for adding optical character recognition (OCR) and text extraction to your Node.js, Linux C/C++, or Java applications.

This OCR SDK provides a quick and easy way to extract text from black-and-white or color images, and convert it into searchable PDFs or text. Numerous languages supported. OCR Xpress comes with help file documentation, code samples (for Java, Node.js, and C/C++), and the libraries required to quickly add OCR to your own application. Now offering support for Node.js on Windows.

Available for Node.js
Available for Java on 64-bit Linux
Available for C/C++ on 64-bit Linux

why should you use the OCR Xpress SDK for text recognition and extraction?

easy integration OCR library
  • Straightforward setup, easy-to-use API for quick integration.
  • In just 9 lines of code, add OCR Xpress to your Java, C/C++, or Node.js applications to capture text from images.
versatile ouput
  • Searchable PDF image-over-text file
  • Text file
  • In-memory data structure
accurate results
  • Reduce manual input.
  • Our OCR engine meets or exceeds industry best standards.
  • Check results against confidence values.