OCR Xpress is the solution for adding optical character recognition (OCR) and text extraction to your Node.js, Linux C/C++, or Java applications.

This OCR SDK provides a quick and easy way to extract text from black-and-white or color images, and convert it into searchable PDFs or text. Numerous languages supported. OCR Xpress comes with help file documentation, samples, and the libraries required to quickly add OCR to your own application. Now offering support for Node.js on Windows.

Available for Node.js
Available for Java on 64-bit Linux
Available for C/C++ on 64-bit Linux

development toolkits start at: $699
deployment runtimes start at: $300

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why should you use the OCR Xpress SDK for text recognition and extraction?

easy integration
  • Straightforward setup, easy-to-use API for quick integration.
  • In just 9 lines of code, add OCR Xpress to your applications.
versatile ouput
  • Searchable PDF image-over-text file
  • Text file
  • In-memory data structure
accurate results
  • Reduce manual input.
  • Meets or exceeds industry best standards.
  • Check results against confidence values.