Medical Image Compression SDK

Use our medical image compression SDK, PicTools Medical, to access commercially-supported software development libraries for lossy JPEG, lossless JPEG, JPEG 2000 Part 1, JPIP, JPEG 2000 Part 2 3D volumetric encoding, JPEG-LS, HD Photo, and ISO standard JPEG XR.

why should you use PICTools Medical, a medical image compression toolkit?


PICTools JPEG 2000 technology features a user-configurable number of threads per operation for optimal throughput on multicore CPUs.


As the leader in the medical imaging space, all of the major medical equipment manufacturers rely on the accuracy and quality of PICTools to process millions of their images.


As a commercial image compression solution, we offer our customers top tier, responsive support, quickly helping resolve issues with improperly encoded or non-standard images, and development concerns.