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On Windows:
  • Open Windows Explorer and type into the Navigation Bar.
  • Right Click inside Windows Explorer to bring up the standard context menu.
  • Find "Login As" and click it to login to FTP Server.
  • Provide the user name: support and the password: 853ae90f
For any other operating system, use an FTP client, such as FileZilla, using the above FTP and login information. Once you've successfully logged in, you can drop your files into the folder.
This watermark is being generated by the PICVideo codec (version 3 and below). When running in evaluation mode, it will display a watermark over the view when playing back M-MPEG compressed footage. Because the codec DLL files were most likely not installed using our installer, you can search for the following files on your system and remove them (They would have been placed in the Windows system folder by the installer - often c:windows\system32 or winnt\system32): pvmjpg21.dll, pvmjpg20.dll, pvmjpg20.hlp, pvljpg20.dll, pvwv220.dll, pvmjpg30.dll, and pvmjpg30.chm Alternatively, you could use any 3rd-party codec manager to remove the codec as well. Afterwards, PICVideo will be uninstalled. Any files that you saved through the PICVideo CODECs will have a permanent watermark. Any files saved with some other Motion JPEG CODEC will no longer display a watermark on viewing.
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