motion JPEG video codec

PICVideo is a Motion JPEG codec and SDK to allow viewing of motion jpeg files on Windows Media Player and for high quality compression when video editing. Both a Microsoft Video for Windows and a Microsoft DirectShow Transform Filter Codec, it is the only codec assembly optimized for both 64-bit and 32-bit operating systems.

If your company delivers video viewing or editing software for Windows, you can license PICVideo codecs for distribution with your products. Please contact Sales for details.

development toolkits start at: $50

pricing scales on volume.  view all pricing options

why should you use the PICVideo codec?

dozens of editing functions

Designed for both beginner and professional users, you can choose from a variety of editing features like video colorspaces and high speed compression & decompression to customize your video editing experience.

easy integration

PICVideo easily integrates directly into your application with the PICVideo MJPEG Filter Graph SDK for Windows. C/C++ libraries supporting Linux, Mac, AIX, and Solaris are also available.

optimized for speed & quality

PICVideo facilitates high-speed video editing through optimized compression and decompression, and patented deblocking improves the quality of highly compressed video.