PrizmDoc Viewer API's HTML5 Annotation

PrizmDoc Viewer API’s HTML5 Annotation feature allows seamless commenting and markup of PDF, Office, and Image files.

Users can engage in collaborative revisions, incorporating, removing, or permanently burning annotations into final files, all while preserving the integrity of the original document. Multiple users can mark up documents with layering functionality, view and comment on each other’s annotations, and customize tools (image stamp, arrow, text, etc.). Annotations are supported for 50+ file types, including PDF, Office, and various image formats.

Contributors’ revisions are tracked through layers, and annotations can be easily managed, merged, and toggled on/off. The system preserves the original documents for regulatory compliance and offers efficient decision-making, review, and collaboration capabilities.


Provide full document markup capabilities with your applications. Annotations can be removed from or burned into final files while preserving underlying content, and layering functionality allows for multiple users to markup a document and to see and comment on each other’s additions. Keeping all marks in a single document with the ability to show or hide individual user contributions provides clear direction and prevents confusion from multiple files with individual markups.