PrizmDoc Features

PrizmDoc helps you streamline document management processes by allowing you to add viewing, redaction, annotation, conversion, and other services to your applications using our powerful RESTful APIs.

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Viewer API

Display dozens of file types within a browser without the need to download additional applications. Learn more »

Collaboration API

PrizmDoc’s in-line commenting tools allow for collaboration while retaining the original file’s integrity. Learn more »

Annotation API

Easily collaborate using feedback tools like text comment, highlight, strikethrough, arrow, stamp, and more. Learn more »

Redaction API

Automatically remove sensitive information from documents before sharing. Learn more »

eSignature API

Digitally sign and date documents without printing and scanning. Learn more »

Document Compare API

Compare two versions of a Word document and see track changes made between those two versions. Learn more »

Forms API

Produce forms that can be filled in, signed, and completed online. Learn more »

Template-Based Forms API

Create text, date, and signature fields directly in the viewer producing customized forms. Learn more »

Compression API

Reduce image size without loss of quality. Improve website load times and save space. Learn more »

Watermarking API

Add a watermark to impede unauthorized copying of shared documents. Learn more »

Conversion API

Convert multiple file types (CAD, Word, PDF, Excel, and more) to PDFs and other image formats. Learn more »


OCR an image-based document into an editable text file or searchable PDF. Learn more »