Form Field Creation with PrizmDoc Viewer

PrizmDoc Viewer’s Form Field Detector automates the identification of form fields within PDF AcroForms and image files, streamlining the creation of user-friendly, fillable forms. The web form API offers benefits such as automatic form field detection, interactive form field creation, and seamless integration into websites or applications. The Form Field Detector is available as an add-on for Self-Hosted PrizmDoc Viewer and is included with PrizmDoc Cloud-Hosted.

Non-PDF Forms Support and Interactive Web Elements

Extend your form creation capabilities with the Form Field Detector, which supports .tiff or bitmap documents, recognizing elements like underscore lines, low-dash lines, form field rectangles, and checkboxes. In cases where automatic detection falls short, manual addition of form fields is a simple option. PrizmDoc Viewer enhances user interaction with various field types, providing the appropriate interactive web elements. For instance, date fields trigger an interactive calendar. Supported field types include Text Input Field, Check Box, Date, Initial, and Signature. Additionally, the PrizmDoc Viewer fillable form API efficiently populates fields with known customer data and extracts user-filled data for use in a database, offering a comprehensive solution for form management.


Quickly and accurately auto-detect form fields to convert existing documents into fillable forms that are simple to fill out, and sign. Convert text, checkbox, and signature fields on AcroForm documents or automatically detect text fields from scanned TIFF or bitmap documents, creating interactive fillable form fields.