PrizmDoc’s HTML5 Document Viewer securely manages, embeds, and allows users to access multiple document formats with a customizable UI for quick, secure collaboration on desktop or mobile. It is a preferred choice for developers, integrators, and system administrators, offering industry-leading functionality and supporting over 100 file types through REST APIs. The viewer includes built-in features for conversion, annotation, redaction, advanced search, spreadsheet viewing and large document server-side search. With cross-platform support, it ensures consistent viewing across enterprises, reducing the need for additional licenses and accommodating various file formats across sectors. Users can seamlessly view documents, preserving form and function as needed.

PrizmDoc Viewing Benefits

  • Improved Collaboration: Review and provide feedback on any file using a single, common interface.
  • Quality Rendering: Display dozens of file types with high fidelity & speed without needing to download additional software.
  • Document Accessibility: Improve document access & offload the heavy lifting of text searches to ensure browsers aren’t overloaded.
  • Compliance-Driven: Ensure compliance of critical documentation with key security controls.
  • Enhanced Security: View and comment on sensitive files within a secure application environment.
  • Better Customization: Customize the stock UI as well as modify menu and toolbar items to appear as part of your application.


Uses Cases for PrizmDoc Document Viewer

  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM): Extend system capabilities by streamlining document access, retrieval, and viewing, in addition to expediting document distribution throughout the organization.
  • Legal Tech: On-demand document conversion functionality makes it ideal for eDiscovery initiatives that require on-demand data retrieval, annotation, and redaction.
  • FinTech: Embrace the future of finance with the ability to easily transform application, portfolio, and investment information into actionable data for efficient processing.
  • Learning Management Systems: HTML5 viewer integration with LMS empowers teachers and administrators to easily view, annotate, and comment on key components of student assignments.


Render and display documents for true zero footprint viewing. PrizmDoc converts any document or image into a web standard format, so you can display them easily in a web browser on any desktop or mobile device. Embed the customizable viewer into your web application in just a few lines of code. Zero installation is required on customer devices because everything they need is already in the browser.