Template-Based Forms API

Create text fields on your document in the PrizmDoc Viewer, producing customized forms that can be filled-in, signed, and completed online. Fields that are supported include:

  • Text boxes
  • Dates
  • Checkboxes
  • Signature box
  • Initial box

Identify required information and assign roles in your forms

The Template-Based Forms API allows you to control the user's interaction:

  • Indicate which fields are mandatory
  • Assign roles to fields, clarifying the document review process
  • Allow only role-based interaction on forms
    • Assign multiple people to review, edit, sign, and save
  • Customize color selection to easily identify each role
  • Control vertical and horizontal alignment of text
  • Assign an input mask to a text box to require specific information
  • Sort form field names so the proper tab order is created
  • Template Based Forms API

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