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Add powerful image compression and cleanup capabilities to your records management, forms processing, and document imaging applications.

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Improve document quality with our scanned image processing SDK.

Use PICTools Document to clean up a scanned document before using OCR, ICR, or forms processing enabling more accurate results. With this SDK, you can edit directly on JPEG compressed data and avoid quality loss normally associated with editing JPEG images. This toolkit features high-performance C libraries and fast compression and decompression engines. SDK support is offered for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

PICTools Document Features

Compression & Decompression

Leverage faster compression/decompression and higher quality images with unmatched support and continuous improvement.

Document Image Processing and Editing

Gain low-level access to key document processing features, such as auto-binarization, auto border crop, dot shading removal, perspective warp correction, and more.

  • Advanced JPEG editing within compressed JPEG DCT space
  • Accusoft has conducted a vast amount of research to enhance its JPEG editing, compression, speed, clean up, and artifact removal algorithms. Because of it, Accusoft is one of the only companies that provides JPEG editing directly on JPEG compressed data, avoiding the quality loss of recompression and color conversion normally associated with editing JPEG images.
  • Auto border removal
  • Perspective warp correction fixes camera-captured images taken off-angle, so they can be accurately read by OCR, check deposit apps, and other capture technologies.
  • Auto inverse text correction
  • Auto negate
  • Blank page / Blank rectangle detection
  • Character completion & smoothing
  • Comb removal (commonly used in ICR forms)
  • Line removal
  • Deskew
  • Despeckle
  • Manual and auto dot shading removal
  • EXIF metadata editing
  • Hole punch & blob removal
  • Image binarization and thresholding
  • Image resizing
  • IPTC metadata support within JPEG
  • Noise removal
  • Scale to gray
  • Sub-Image processing
  • Quickly decode and view a rectangle within a JPEG image without decoding the rest of the image data 
  • TIFF tag editing utilities
  • Buffer to buffer image processing for maximum flexibility
  • The high-performance API offers total control of image processing functions

Color Image Processing and Editing

  • Auto binarize
  • Auto color detection
  • Analyze image content then recommend if image should remain color or can safely be converted to bitonal
  • Brightness and contrast adjustment
  • Color conversion, palette creation, rotation
  • Color drop
  • Remove specific colors from an image
  • Image detergent®
  • Reduce color noise and variation (great for removing JPEG compression artifacts around characters)
  • Virtual bulb
  • Emulate a color dropout scanner

Compression and File Formats

  • JBIG2
  • Provides higher compression ratios for lossy and lossless compression of binary images
  • JPEG (Progressive)
  • JPEG (Sequential) – 24-bit RGB, 8-bit grayscale
  • Patented technology for enhanced JPEG decompression will remove block artifacts from over-compressed JPEG images without blurring
  • IPTC metadata support within JPEG
  • JPEG 2000 – 24-bit RGB, 8-bit grayscale
  • Supports a user-configurable number of threads per operation for optimal throughput on multicore CPUs
  • Metadata support
  • MO:DCA
  • PCX
  • PDF
  • Single or Multi-Page with Embedded Image
  • TGA
  • TIFF
  • Metadata support
  • BMP
  • CAD
  • Render from CAD format to DIB
  • CALS
  • DCX
  • GIF / LZW

PICTools Document Development Environments

We support multiple platforms including: 

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Solaris x86
  • Linux
  • Mac OS X


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Scanned Image Processing Demo

See how fast or how small PICTools can compress your images with the Apollo Compression Demo 

This Windows application allows you to read a variety of image formats including Bitmap, JPEG, JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, Lossless JPEG, JPEG-LS, RAW, and Camera RAW images. Apollo users can configure compression options to immediately see the results including compression ratio, compression speed, and expansion speed.

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Detailed Technical Specs

Support for Multiple Environments

Delivers support across multiple environments including:

    • 32-bit & 64-bit Microsoft Windows
    • 32-bit & 64-bit Solaris x86
    • 32-bit & 64-bit Linux
    • Mac OS X
  • Achieves maximum code speed through algorithm and machine code optimizations
  • Optimized for several chip instruction sets, including Intel MMX, PIII, and PIV
  • The underlying architecture of PICTools allows desired imaging functionality to be efficiently ported to any requested operating system with common interface and operating convention.

Technical Notes for Scanned Image Processing Toolkit

Static and shared dispatcher libraries combined with compressed opcode DLLs enable creation of single file executables. It provides exceptional stability and high speed in limited-resource environments. It can be used in multi-threaded applications.

  • Programming environments include: C/C++
  • Sample code is included in the free trial   


PICTools Document Architecture

This product includes a shared library that loads operation specific libraries called opcodes for modular, discrete functionality. Modular opcode design allows application developers to deploy only the opcode needed for the desired imaging functionality. It supports rapid portability and processor-specific speed optimizations on additional platforms. Contact us to discuss porting PICTools to your platform today.

PICTools is licensed per opcode used. 

PICTools Document Pricing

Pricing for this scanned image processing SDK varies based on product, deployment, and other variables. For help determining the right license for your business, please contact the sales team. 

PICTools Document Pricing Details

PICTools Document Pricing Details

The PICTools Document SDK starts at $6,000 for a single development license and requires distribution licensing. All features are available for the 32-bit Windows platform, and many are available on additional platforms. 

Toolkits are sold separately for each operating system. For example, PICTools Document for 32-bit Windows is a separate download and a separate purchase than PICTools Document for 64-bit Windows. 

Environments not currently supported can easily be ported for a reasonable fee.

Deployment of PICTools technology is licensed on a per situation basis, and requires a licensing agreement with Accusoft. 

To obtain an agreement, speak to an Accusoft sales representative about your desired use of PICTools and the features for your application deployment. The PICTools toolkit remains in evaluation mode until you have completed a licensing agreement.  

PICTools Document Support Plans

All customers receive free Upgrade Support for 90 days after initial purchase, which includes email support and all product upgrades. Customers wanting longer-term support may choose to extend Upgrade Support, or to move up to Priority or Expedited support.

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