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4 Reasons You Should Attend Accusoft’s Technology Summit in Palo Alto

Accusoft Technology Summit 2015 I September 15th, 2015 I The Westin Palo Alto

This year, Accusoft is hosting its 2015 Tech Summit at The Westin Palo Alto. It’s an afternoon event on September 15th, and it’s shaping up to have a pretty impressive turnout of industry leaders, HTML5 experts, developers and Fortune 500 presence in attendance.

If you live in or around the Palo Alto area, or even if you don’t, here are 4 reasons to attend Accusoft’s Technology Summit this year:

    1. Educate yourself! No matter what industry you’re in, you’ve likely been faced with challenges around collaboration and document security in your organization. The task of making documents accessible for collaborative workflows and review among peers, while also ensuring those same docs are secure and optimized for mobile viewing, can be a daunting mission. At this year’s Tech Summit, we’ll focus on that issue with compelling presentations from our speakers, and present real-life use cases for using HTML5 viewing to help alleviate collaboration and security concerns. Knowledge is power, after all; get some for free.


    1. Engage with the experts at live demo stations. There’s no better way to dive into a product than to see it firsthand. We’ll have interactive demo stations set up at the Tech Summit so you can see Accusoft’s technology in action. Whether you’re a developer, a manager, a CIO or self-employed looking to check out some cool tech, we guarantee something interesting & relevant to you. Deep dive with the product experts about cloud-based or on-premise viewing solutions using HTML5, or check out some of our SDKs for OCR, barcode, forms processing and learn how these solutions can enhance your current projects.


    1. Network with other industry leaders. Grab a drink and chat with peers, product owners and HTML5 experts. Discover more about the challenges that other industries face, and why certain issues about collaboration and security resonate with multiple audiences. Find out how companies are using HTML5 solutions to address these challenges and how you can modify or incorporate those use cases into your own projects.


  1. Did we mention it’s FREE? Space is limited, so go ahead and reserve your spot now.


If you have any questions about the Accusoft Technology Summit, including questions about your registration or the agenda, feel free to call 813-875-7575 or send us an email at