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Add Near-Native Viewing for Excel Into Your Web-Based Application

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Spreadsheets remain the go-to answer for industry insight. Plug numbers and formulas into one large, continuous sheet, or a set of workbooks, and you can track key metrics and uncover relationships. Many teams need these workbooks to view data easily, but often end up switching from their application to a third party solution like Excel. 

While PrizmDoc Viewer currently enables its users to view spreadsheets within their own application, the file displays similar to print preview. PrizmDoc Viewer alone does not allow the user to view both cell values and formulas at the same time, asking the user to toggle between them. That is, until now. 

PrizmDoc Cells is an add-on for PrizmDoc Viewer that enables users to add near-native viewing for Excel into their web-based applications. This new add-on enables a customizable spreadsheet viewing experience similar to Microsoft Excel in view-only mode. PrizmDoc Cells allows continuous scrolling of large data areas, ability to view cell formulas with values, and shows rows or columns as hidden (if so displayed in the original file).

New Workbook & Spreadsheet Functionality

Excel Viewing: PrizmDoc Cells enables users to add a near-native interface and viewing experience within their application. This opens the door to viewing a myriad of Microsoft Office documents all in one place.

Show/Hide Cell Toggle: PrizmDoc Cells creates a new user experience for spreadsheet and workbook viewing. The cell toggle feature enables users to toggle on and off of hidden cells in a spreadsheet, which allows the user to view all data quickly. 

Formula Bar: With this new add-on, users can see the formula in each cell while viewing the spreadsheet or workbook online. This allows users to understand the data and interpret the values of each cell more appropriately.

Tab Navigations: With PrizmDoc Cells, users have the ability to see the tabs of other spreadsheets in a workbook and view them through tab navigation. This functionality helps users see the whole workbook and evaluate all data in different spreadsheets.

Search & Hit-Highlighting: This add-on also allows users to search for data in real-time. Users can see the data highlighted as they type characters into the search bar, enabling faster access to information.

Benefits of Adding PrizmDoc Cells to PrizmDoc Viewer

In its natural state, PrizmDoc Viewer renders Excel files to display within an application similar to a display in print preview. In this view, users cannot interact with the document, click on cells to see formulas, or switch tabs to review different spreadsheets in a workbook. In many cases, this type of view will suffice, but some users need more. 

This current view can be restrictive if there’s a need to view values as well as formulas in a spreadsheet. That’s why Accusoft built PrizmDoc Cells, enabling PrizmDoc Viewer users to view workbooks and spreadsheets in a near-native way.

With PrizmDoc Cells, users can analyze formulas, view charts and graphs, view multiple spreadsheets in a single workbook, and navigate without pagination. With PrizmDoc Cells, users can view formulas as well as formula results, search for key data and words, and not be restricted to viewing dynamic data as a static image.

PrizmDoc Cells is currently offered as an add-on option to PrizmDoc Viewer and utilizes the PrizmDoc Content Conversion Service to produce the best fidelity possible when rendering charts and graphs embedded in a spreadsheet. To learn more about this new add-on, check out the documentation today.