PrizmDoc Cells

Securely embed spreadsheet data on any website, intranet, portal, or CMS


PrizmDoc Cells is a web-based spreadsheet viewer and editor designed to natively support XLSX files and easily integrate into your existing application or system solution. Lock down access to proprietary source files, and still make them shareable online for users to perform calculations in an Excel-like interface. Provide superior deployment and accessibility without compromising security.

Benefits of Our Web-Based Spreadsheet Editor

Remove Microsoft Dependencies

Empower your users to import, view, edit, and export XLSX files in an Excel-like UI, securely inside your application.

Secure Intellectual Property

Remove end-user access to proprietary source files, encrypt the data, and host it securely in your own environments.

Streamline Version Control

Eliminate version confusion and error propagation with no emailing, copying, downloading or editing of spreadsheets.

Control Over Documents
Control Access

Secure the most current version of spreadsheets and control end-user handling and access with a server-based system.

Seamless Installation

The PrizmDoc Cells Server runs as a docker container, simplifying deployment and reducing infrastructure requirements.

Make It Yours

Remove the default branding and choose what you want your users to see with white-label and customization options.

Integrate with any Web Solution

PrizmDoc Cells can be integrated with any web solution no matter the deployment method you use: cloud or on-premises. The most common are financial services applications for a variety of uses, including:

Tax calculations
Rating and quoting
Risk assessments
Claims processing
Expense tracking
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Josh Gdovin Senior Software Engineer

Joshua is a Senior Software Engineer at Accusoft. He's been a part of the Accusoft team since 2016 and is currently working on the PrizmDoc Cells platform. Joshua is a dynamic person who not only has a passion for writing Javascript, but also enjoys board games, billiards, traveling, and trying new foods.

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PrizmDoc Cells Features

Basic Operations
  • Open existing XLSX file
  • Cut/copy/paste
  • Undo/redo
Cell Content
  • Edit values & existing formulas
  • Add new formulas
  • Recalculate dependent formulas
  • Clear/delete


Cell Format
  • Adjust alignment
  • Change number formatting
  • Edit font & background color
  • Add bold, italics, underline, strikethrough
Rows & Columns
  • Resize
  • Insert/delete
  • View, add, delete, and edit notes
  • Redact cell content & search results
  • Add redaction reasons & colors
  • Embedded graphics
  • Multiple worksheets
  • Protected worksheets with locked & hidden cells

Start a PrizmDoc Cells Trial

Evaluate PrizmDoc Cells in your own environment with our ready-to-run Docker image.

Supported Operating Systems

PrizmDoc Cells distributed in a Docker container so you don’t have to worry about specific OS requirements or conflicts with other software installed on the server. Starting up the container only takes a matter of seconds. For more information on setting up a Docker environment, refer to the Docker Docs.

System Requirements

Before running the PrizmDoc Cells Docker image, you must configure Docker to use the following minimum hardware resources: 2 CPUs and 7.5 GB memory. If you try to run the image with fewer CPUs or less memory, it may not function correctly.

Storage Configuration

To streamline evaluation, PrizmDoc Cells is configured to keep all of its data inside its running docker container, but this is not suitable for a production deployment. For a production deployment, you will need to configure additional storage settings for two kinds of storage:

  • Document storage (a file system or S3 bucket you own) – where your documents will be stored
  • Database storage (a MySQL database instance you own) – where metadata and other persistent information is stored

For more information on storage configuration, click here.

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