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Calculating The Cost Savings Of A Web-Based Document Viewer

Calculating Web-Based Document Viewer Cost Savings

Are you looking to add an HTML5 document viewer to your web or mobile application, but are unsure of the costs involved? Here’s how to calculate the cost vs. benefits of a web-based document viewer for your organization.

How An HTML5 Viewer Can Save Your Organization Time & Money

A lot of employee time gets wasted everyday viewing, sending, and looking for documents. For example, one study found that a typical lawyer spends 4.3 hours per week searching for documents and recreating lost documents.

Adding an HTML5 document viewer can actually save your organization money by saving employees time and hassle:

  • Documents stay in a central repository, making it nearly impossible to lose documents. (A PricewaterhouseCoopers study estimates that every lost document costs the company $122 to find.)
  • No need to download and install viewers on desktop or mobile devices.
  • No time spent emailing documents back and forth.
  • Save time with automatic version management and reconciliation.

Estimating The Cost Savings Of An HTML5 Document Viewer

Here’s a simple formula to estimate how adding an HTML5 document viewer to your company’s document system(s) could impact your organization’s bottom line:

daily time savings per employee


number of employees


250 work days per year


average hourly rate

Studies show employees spend 10% or more of their time on document related issues. But let’s be conservative – even if a web-based viewer only saves 10 minutes per day per employee, this adds up to substantial savings over a year’s time.

For example, in an organization with 100 people:

10 minutes daily time savings per employee




100 employees


250 work days per year


$20 average hourly rate
= $83,333 saved per year

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