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Client confidentiality and security in eDiscovery


In a recent LegalTech article, Lisa Senger highlighted some of the concerns facing law firms in an age when sharing information is becoming increasingly digital. Collaborating with colleagues and sharing  information with opposing counsel can put confidential client information at risk. As the need for increased security rises, developers are under pressure to meet the demands of their clients and ensure the safe and confidential transfer of information over a variety of networks outside of the organization.

To save the money and effort it takes to develop and stay up-to-date on the latest software for security, many developers are looking to third party providers, like Accusoft, to supply the latest solutions for eDiscovery confidentiality and security. How can Accusoft enhance your current eDiscovery offer?

The easiest way to preserve the confidentiality of your end users’ clients is to eliminate the confidential information. With built-in redaction capabilities, Prizm Content Connect makes file sharing and collaboration easy and secure. When text is selected and redacted from a document, the redactions are burned into the new saved version, eliminating the confidential data from the file before it is shared with a third party. With auto-redaction, eDiscovery is less burdensome on law firms, allowing them to find repeated instances of confidential information–like a social security number–and redact it throughout a document automatically.

Digital Rights Management
When sharing client information outside of the firm, your clients are worried about that information being stolen or otherwise misused. For instance, after a case is over, opposing counsel may not delete files in a timely manner, putting confidential information at greater risk. With DRM, you can control who sees which files, and for how long. Our software allows you to assign permissions to view, print and download files and documents. After a case is over, you can simply revoke permission to access the document to ensure users cannot view confidential client information longer than necessary.

These are just two ways Accusoft provides security and confidentiality solutions for you and your clients. Our Prizm Content Connect suite of products can be tailored to suit your unique needs in catering to your eDiscovery and legal clients. You can view code samples here.

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