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Document Conversion: Simplifying the Switch with ImageGear

document conversion

Not all file formats are created equal. Some — like the .docx files produced by the ever-popular Microsoft Word — are ideal for creating and editing text-based documents, while others offer the high resolution necessary for medical images or the security required for legal case files.

Challenges emerge, however, when businesses need the same information, but require a different file format. Recreating the document or image from scratch is a waste of time and resources, while leveraging free online programs to make the switch introduces potential security risks. As noted by 9to5Mac, 23 file conversion apps for iOS were recently found to completely lack encryption, putting both information and organizations at risk. Companies need to simplify the switch with robust document conversion solutions capable of delivering both speed and security.

Scale of the Switch

A quick Google search for the phrase “convert to PDF” turns up more than 3 billion search results. It makes sense. PDF documents can be easily password protected and converted to read-only, making them ideal for data companies that need to share, but don’t want data modified. 

As noted above, Office files such as .docx remain common for business use along with other Office staples such as .xls and .ppt, but businesses are regularly tasked with converting other file types — often sent by customers or suppliers — into Microsoft-friendly formats.

The result is a landscape full of “free” tools that are long on document conversion promises but short on details about what’s supported, how conversion takes place, and who has access to your data. Given the scale of document conversion requests, the use of free tools can bridge functional gaps, even as they create more distance between documents and key defensive measures. 

Application switching is also a challenge. Since most free tools convert only a subset of file types, users may need to navigate multiple apps and conversion steps for a single file. As noted by Forbes, this continual app switching can waste up to 32 days worth of productivity per year.

Speaking the Same Language

Accusoft’s ImageGear SDK solves the conversion challenge by putting more than 100 file types under one digital roof. Some of the most popular conversion processes include:

  • Microsoft Office ImageGear offers support for Word, Excel, Powerpoint, JPG, and more with enhanced rendering for near-native Office support.
  • CAD Convert AutoCAD files such as DWG, DXF, or DGN to PDF, JPEG, and SVG. CAD conversion supports both 2D and 3D images along with changes in light source, layers, and perspective.
  • Adobe/PDFAs noted above, “convert to PDF” is one of the web’s most popular searches. Easily convert to and from EPS, PDF, or PDF/A with ImageGear’s comprehensive PDF API.
  • Raster Images Edit, compress, and annotate dozens of raster files including TIFF, JPEG, PNG, PSD, RAW, and PDF.
  • Medical Images Part of the ImageGear Collection, ImageGear Medical preserves medical image consistency and quality with conversion to and from DICOM, JPEG 2000, and other popular file types. ImageGear Medical also includes full DICOM metadata support.
  • Vector Images Dozens of vector images including SVG, EPS, PDF, and DXF can be easily converted with ImageGear.

Find the full list of supported file types here.

Security by Design

Data security matters. From legal firms to financial institutions, the reputational risks and regulatory penalties facing companies that don’t secure data by default are on the rise. The ability to quickly and seamlessly convert files from editable to read-only formats both enhances document security and improves overall defense. 

The easiest way to achieve this goal? Integrated, in-app file conversion. 

By removing the external risk of third-party apps and leveraging advanced SDKs that integrate into your own secure software, organizations can protect both the process of document conversion and deploy the annotations, permissions, and redactions necessary to keep documents safe. Simplify the switch. Deliver in-app, secure document conversion on-demand with ImageGear.