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What is an HTML5 Document Viewer?

An HTML5 document viewer is an application that allows for the viewing of different document types (Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF, AutoCAD, etc.) by converting the files from their native formats into web standard formats, and then presenting the resulting content using only standard HTML5 markup.

Developers can embed HTML5 document viewer functionality into their own website or web, mobile, or desktop applications to provide users with responsive file viewing without the need to download plugins or open any other applications.

What is an HTML5 Document Viewer?

How does an HTML5 document viewer work?

PrizmDoc, Accusoft’s flagship document viewing product, passes a document to an http service that converts it into SVG and returns it to the browser. As long as the browser supports SVG (which all modern browsers now do), the document is viewable without needing to install any software on the browsing device. This model works well across PCs, tablets, and even smart phones; every device can view all standard document types without installing any extra software. The diagram below gives an overview of PrizmDoc’s core components. (For additional information, see the product’s documentation.)

html5 document viewer setup

What are the benefits of an HTML5 document viewer?

Both application developers and end users will see significant benefits from using a document viewer.

  • Supports multiple platforms and browsers for consistent viewing across environments
  • Accommodates a wide variety of file formats that address numerous industries and uses
  • Reduces need for additional software licenses for viewing files in native applications
  • Provides seamless web and mobile friendly viewing experience
  • Allows developers to customize viewer style and functionality while maintaining control over document viewing within their applications
  • Provides access to additional document processing tools such as electronic signing, form recognition, advanced search, annotation, and redaction.

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