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Peace of Mind: Winning the Large Document Loading War with PrizmDoc Viewer

large document viewing

It’s a business battlefield out there. Not one of munitions and machines, but time and resources. Companies are struggling to provide end-users and consumers with the content they need, when they need it, without breaking the bank. Document management now helps companies make progress without losing productivity.

As noted by the SocioHerald, document management solutions are “booming worldwide” and on track for significant growth over the next five years, but as data volumes increase and connectivity allows simple sharing of more complex and media-rich content, large documents pose a new challenge. How do organizations deliver high-volume content quickly and accurately to drive on-demand end-user interaction?

Accusoft’s PrizmDoc Viewer can help deliver peace of mind — and win the large document loading war — with dual-pronged delivery of document pre-conversion and server-side search.

The Need for Speed

As noted by Forbes, one second is now the “magic number” when it comes to loading webpages — any slower and potential consumers begin to abandon ship. Welcome to the future.

Employees are now used to this kind of rapid retrieval when they search for data online, so they bring these same expectations into the office when it comes to document loading and access times. What does this mean in practice? Both user satisfaction and overall productivity suffers when documents don’t load fast enough.

So how do companies get to the finish line faster? Start with document pre-conversion. PrizmDoc Viewer contains a pre-conversion API that allows companies to create viewing packages for large documents using POST requests and JSON formatted source objects. Combined with the PAS layer of PrizmDoc server, this pre-conversion feature allows massive documents — such as Tolstoy’s 1493-page epic War and Peace — to load in just 0.69 seconds.

The caveat? Pre-conversion isn’t enough in isolation. To ensure users find what they’re looking for, and fast, organizations also need the benefit of server-side search.

Search and Rescue

Eighty percent of Americans now experience some type of “tech frustration” every day. Spotty connections and smartphone failures top the list, but documents also make the cut. Client-side searches within large documents can put a strain on a browser-based document viewers’ memory load. The best case scenario? Massive load times that frustrate staff efforts. Worst case? Complete viewer crashing as the browser overloads.

There’s a better way. With PrizmDoc Viewer’s server-side search feature, you can offload search work to the server, significantly reducing the strain on client-side viewer code. Using PrizmDoc’s Viewer configuration options, developers can also create custom server-side search parameters to reduce the strain on memory-capped browsers or more easily access text-heavy documents. Put simply? Server-side search can help rescue document retrieval speeds and reduce user frustration.

Document Detente

Slow-loading, large documents can ramp up hostilities between staff trying to get their work done and the tech initiatives that supposedly boost productivity. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce loading times and achieve document detente with PrizmDoc Viewer. Accusoft’s pre-conversion APIs and customizable server-side search parameters make this tech treaty even easier to achieve with straightforward in-app integration, providing complete functionality under the banner of in-house applications.

Ready to ramp up productivity and win the war on large document loading? See server-side speed in action with the server-side search demo or enlist the in-app advantage with a free trial today!