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Kicking Prizm Content Connect Up A Notch

On the heels of the Prizm Content Connect v10 release, our team quickly released v10.1 with some enhancements in an effort to continually improve the product. The enhancements featured in the release focus on an updated Office conversion engine to address fidelity issues and improve speed and rendering.

Image files are generally large and in charge, so image-filled presentations can take some time to convert. But with this release, users will see faster conversion times and speedier decompression of embedded JPEG content.

Improved image scaling in Excel and PowerPoint formats will result in better document rendering.  Glyphs rendering will also be more fidelitous. Also, the release includes Extended Math to support 16 basic HTML colors.

Other improvements were made for Excel documents like memory usage optimization for sheets with a large span of columns with runs of similar formulas and an added AGGREGATE spreadsheet function.

These improvements will give end users a better overall viewing experience within what is already a leader in the HTML5 document viewing landscape. To learn more about Prizm Content Connect, visit the website or contact us.