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4 Ways to Maximize Digital Document Use in Learning Management Systems

According to Stratistics MRC, the global e-learning market is projected to reach $243.8 billion by 2022. In mature e-learning markets, such as the U.S. and Western Europe, corporate and K-12 education are expected to see increased adoption, while newer markets will focus more on corporate and higher education.

Maximizing Digital Document Use in Learning Management Systems

To help support this global growth, Learning Management System (LMS) providers have an increased need for lightweight but powerful integrated document solutions. These can serve to enhance student engagement and create a more dynamic distance learning experience. Here are four ways you can maximize document services within an LMS:

1. Course content

Document workflows can allow instructors to have more control over course content without having to learn the LMS system. This makes it easier for them to post and update syllabi, reading assignments, and announcements as needed. Embedding document viewers within the course modules means students can avoid having to download documents and view them in separate programs.   

2. Peer collaboration and review

Group projects and shared peer feedback are a couple of the ways instructors increase interaction in classes. Having a way for students to combine files such as PDFs, Word files, and even images into a single document they can share with peers can help streamline the collaboration process.  

3. Grading and instructor feedback

Similar to peer collaboration, student-to-instructor communication can benefit from document workflows. Instructor grading and feedback for assignments can be noted directly on the assignment for greater tracking.

4. Presentations

For both instructors and students, the ability to create and share presentations can be valuable. Creating a slideshow presentation within a document workflow avoids the need for additional presentation software and lets the creator place it anywhere. Faculty can add them to course pages, while students can post in discussion boards.   

While these are only a few of the possible document management scenarios within the LMS environment, there are numerous applications within the overall education market. Our infographic, for example, highlights opportunities within higher education.

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