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Merge, Send, Sign, Repeat: Streamlining Document Processing

For many businesses, documents are the lifeblood that keep them running efficiently. But when document processes are cumbersome or disjointed, they can slow progress and even have an impact on the bottom line.

Implementing a solution like Accusoft Cloud Services (ACS) can help you create efficient document workflows that simplify many document processing challenges. Since ACS supports a variety of file types and lets users convert multiple formats into a single PDF, it’s a nimble solution that companies can customize to fit their specific needs.

accusoft cloud services streamlines document processing

Here are a few examples of how different businesses can use ACS to streamline their processes:

Simplify HR Processes

From new hire paperwork, to time off requests to annual reviews, the human resource department oversees numerous processes that can create mountains of paperwork. Using ACS, they can move toward paper-free processes that allow users to electronically view and sign documents while maintaining security over personal information using 256-bit AES encryption.

Expedite Creative Approvals

Marketing departments, ad agencies and PR firms constantly need to traffic creative files for approvals. The challenge is that these companies work with large files in a number of formats. ACS helps overcome this challenge by allowing you to convert Word, PowerPoint, PNG, JPG, SVG, PSD files and more into a single PDF that anyone can easily open, view and approve.

Build Robust Proposals

Winning new business is an important consideration for many companies. One of the most important aspects is creating persuasive proposals that are easy to customize and share. In addition to being able to combine multiple documents from different file formats, ACS is built for ease of use and gives you complete control over configuration.

While these are only a few of the application examples for ACS, the possibilities are nearly endless. See how it could work in your organization or enhance an application you’re developing.

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