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PrizmDoc Helps Cornerstone Discovery Enhance Application Functionality

When attorneys prepare for a case, they have to collect, examine, and manage an abundance of electronically stored information (ESI) that is taken from different outlets like emails and other online accounts. This process is called eDiscovery, and it is vital for lawyers to have an efficient eDiscovery solution that allows them to maintain compliance while increasing accuracy, speed, and cost-efficiency.

eDiscovery solutions

This is where Cornerstone Discovery comes in. In addition to providing comprehensive criminal and civil litigation support, the company also offers a cloud-based eDiscovery product called Junto SM, which helps legal professionals securely review, search, and organize immense amounts of discovery data.

Let’s take a look at how and why Cornerstone Discovery decided to integrate Accusoft’s PrizmDoc with their eDiscovery product to improve functionality and reduce development time while ultimately creating a better user experience for their customers.

Cornerstone Discovery’s Challenges

In 2011, Cornerstone Discovery began building their eDiscovery solution. Initially, the team decided to build their own document viewer, but they soon discovered they needed more functionality than just the ability to display documents. In order to provide a positive user experience, they needed to find a way to resolve file size issues with pre-conversion and progressive loading as well as offer additional features like annotation, redaction, printing, and more.

When searching for solutions, they looked at a number of viewers, including freeware options. However, most of these solutions needed a lot of development time, and there was no clear indication that they would work. They also didn’t want a solution that required the user to install anything on their machine in order to use the viewer. They needed a solution that fit their current PHP environment, provided rich functionality, and would not require too much development time to integrate.

Accusoft’s Solution

Cornerstone Discovery conducted a cost analysis and researched the different viewers available before deciding on Adeptol, an earlier version of PrizmDoc. They chose this product as the near-native viewer for their eDiscovery web application, Junto (formerly FlightDeck), because the packaged product provided much of the functionality they were looking for without having to spend months of development time building their own viewer.

Cornerstone Discovery was able to easily integrate the early PrizmDoc product into their application and found that the robust document viewer offered the features they needed without increased development time.

Cornerstone Discovery Grows with PrizmDoc

Today, Cornerstone Discovery continues to use PrizmDoc as a near-native viewer in Junto, relying on it to serve millions of pages of documents to their users. Though Accusoft initially saved the company at least six to eight months of development time, Cornerstone Discovery has continued to grow with PrizmDoc as the product provides new features that are vital in the world of eDiscovery.

Want to read more about Cornerstone Discovery’s journey through development of their eDiscovery product? Check out the full case study for more detail.

If you’re interested in finding out what PrizmDoc can do for you, visit the product page, check out the demo, and download a free trial today.