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Support for Multiple Redaction Reasons in PrizmDoc Viewer’s Latest Release

multiple redaction

Redaction is a common practice for legal firms, healthcare organizations, finance institutions, and government agencies. Simply put, it’s the process of deleting or masking sensitive information in a document to prevent misuse and protect specific parties.  Simple redaction is no longer enough; modern applications need to support multiple redaction reasons.

In modern times, document redaction software has replaced the permanent marker of the past. However, while there are many solutions that allow for the electronic removal of protected or sensitive information from a variety of document types, only a few offer the ability to apply customized redaction reasons.

What are redaction reasons?

Redaction reasons help answer a key question: “Why?” They are similar to custom text that appears over a redaction area to indicate the reason the material was redacted. In government documents, these reasons often take the form of codes which represent specific redaction categories.

Consider these codes from the National Archives still commonly used for government document redaction:

  • 1.4(a) — This redaction code protects the publication of data relating to military plans, weapons systems, or operations.
  • 1.4(e) — Using this code indicates that the redacted information pertains to scientific, technological, or economic matters relating to national security.


A Gap in the Market: Support for Multiple Redaction Reasons


At Accusoft’s recent customer advisory board, we learned that our customers found the ability to configure PrizmDoc Viewer to replace sensitive content with a custom redaction reason to be immensely valuable. However, we also learned there was a gap in the market when it came to support for applying multiple redaction reasons to a given piece of redacted content. That is, until now.

We are pleased to announce that with the release of PrizmDoc Viewer v13.13, our client API now provides support for multiple redaction reasons. Users can apply multiple reasons, selected from a customizable list, to any redaction. 

These reasons are shown on top of the black box of redacted content, and can also be burned into a downloadable PDF along with the rest of the redacted content. In addition, application developers can import pre-built sets of redaction reasons into PrizmDoc Viewer from an existing JSON file to streamline custom redaction reason application for their end-users.

In v13.13, multiple redaction reasons can be easily added using four client-side methods:

  • Text Selection RedactionSimply select the text you want and hover over the context menu to select your preferred redaction reason.

multiple redaction reasons

  • Filled Rectangle Redaction Create a filled rectangle of any size and shape and then select or directly customize your redaction reason.

multiple redaction rectangle

  • Full Page RedactionsYou can also redact full pages and attach a specific redaction reason to indicate the purpose of redaction.

full page redaction

  • Bulk (Sticky) RedactionsRather than selecting a new redaction reason for each text block, sticky redactions save you time by applying the same redaction reason to multiple blocks of text on the same page.

multiple redaction sticky

Give It a Try

Ready to improve your redaction process with multiple redaction reasons that can be easily customized and applied across text, boxes, pages, or in bulk? Try the PrizmDoc Viewer redaction demo, or download a free trial today. Plus, stay tuned for an update to our server-side API for the programmatic application of multiple redaction reasons at scale, coming your way soon. 

Kim Rubinsak

Kim Rubinsak, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, PrizmDoc Suite

Kim joined Accusoft in 2018 as a Senior Product Marketing Manager, providing marketing support for the PrimzDoc Suite of products. Kim received two masters degrees in marketing and business administration from the University of Tampa. She has a passion for fostering collaboration across organizations by breaking down departmental silos and learning more about her colleagues as people, how they communicate, and what motivates them. In her free time, Kim enjoys making art, boxing, and snuggling with her dog Khloe.