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The Importance of Document Management and Security

Document management security is essential for keeping company information private and secure. However, not all businesses maintain an ongoing document management process with their employees.

According to LBMC Technology Solutions, “Efficient document management involves having a well-written, strong, and clear policy as well as a computer system (or in some cases several systems) that can index information for easy retrieval and allow for varying levels of security in accessing the documents.”

Recent research from ComputerWorld shows that the average organization shares documents with 826 external domains, which include corporate business partners and personal email addresses. It’s obvious that with so much information shared internally and externally, document security is a huge risk for businesses of any size.

Accusoft’s recent survey of 100 IT managers and 250 full-time employees from the U.S. showed interesting results, represented in the infographic below.

document management security

Given these statistics, it’s important to evaluate your own document management security policies to ensure privacy for your data and your company.

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