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View EHRs and DICOM Images on Any Device With Prizm Content Connect

Meaningful Use requires the use of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of electronic data capture, exchange and transfer with regard to patient records and healthcare information. The law requires healthcare providers to comply with Meaningful Use and demonstrate that they are using EHRs in everyday practice.

So how can healthcare providers ensure they are using EHRs in the smartest and most efficient way possible and free up more time to focus on the important stuff – like saving lives?

When you integrate a responsive HTML5 viewing solution, like Prizm Content Connect, into daily workflows to view, access, edit, electronically sign, and share EHRs with specified users, you can successfully demonstrate Meaningful Use .

View EHRs on Any Device
Prizm Content Connect empowers doctor and patient mobility, enabling them to view and access EHRs anywhere in the world from their desktop, smartphone or tablets. Doctors can deliver bedside manner from their iPad, access a DICOM image or patient record right from their phone, and then sign it electronically – all without downloading any additional software or plugins. Patients and administrators are empowered to access documents like their health records and medical images, prescriptions, physician orders and insurance forms, and view them on any device.

Collaborate Securely with Peers
Share your documents, and trust they are protected from unauthorized users. Built-in Digital Rights Management enables users to set permissions on documents and images to control who can view, access, edit, copy, print or download. Billing personnel and administrators can quickly access claims, then mark them up with annotations and redactions for more seamless processing. Doctors can add a stamp for ‘approved’ or ‘deny’, or mark a document as ‘confidential’ and remove sensitive information from it – all right within a browser. Sign documents within your browser, and then send them to specified users for review or processing. 256-bit AES encryption ensures document security in transit, and the added capability of watermarking protects documents from forgery.

Full-Text Search and Hit Highlighting within EHRs
Find patient information fast with full-text search within documents. Users can even search within annotations, comments or redaction reasons. Search for keywords or specific patient information within EHRs, and then use Prizm Content Connect’s suite of annotation and redaction tools to add comments right in the document or remove sensitive information. An aggregated list of hit counts and hit highlighting in text facilitates a seamless search and review process for doctors, administrators and billing personnel.

Doctors, patients, administrators and billing departments use EHRs daily. To facilitate smooth workflows, ensure patient confidentiality and workplace mobility, an HTML5 viewing solution is key to implement as part of your EHR management system. It’s a real life saver.

Learn more about Prizm Content Connect, or start your free 30-day trial today.