Prizm Content Connect

HTML5 Document Viewer

Prizm Content Connect HTML5 Demo

Share documents with users on the go with the Prizm Content Connect HTML5 viewer. Connect to the HTML5 demo from a smartphone or tablet to see how easy it is to view over 300 document types on almost any device.

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Prizm Content Connect Flash Demo

Stream more than 300 document types into a browser based viewer that includes collaboration features such as annotations, watermarks, and translation. Try the demo to see a few of its powerful features and customization capabilities in action.

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Prizm Cloud Demo

Share your documents on the web, without the worry of storing them in the Cloud using Prizm Cloud. This hosted viewer uses Prizm Content Connect platform technology to convert and display over 300 file types inside a web browser.

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SharePoint Viewer Demo

View any document or image from your SharePoint repository in a browser window. Prizm Content Connect for SharePoint is a pre-configured, high-end document viewer designed to work with the Microsoft SharePoint platform.

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