FormSuite Collection

The FormSuite Collection consists of our forms capture SDKs including FormSuite for Structured Forms and FormSuite for Invoices. Discover what you can build with our forms processing solutions.

Data Capture

  • Overcome manual data entry and reduce errors.
  • Capture anything from typed phone numbers and signatures to text fields and more.
  • Streamline form capture and processing within your own application.


Image Cleanup

  • Enhance your scanned images.
  • Cleanup your scanned images. 
  • Improved scanned image recognition. 


Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

  • Search for specific data within your form.
  • Streamline data capture with automatic information selection.
  • Enhance data capture with intelligent character recognition (ICR) and optical mark recognition (OMR).


Forms Processing Toolkits

FormSuite for Structured Forms

FormSuite for Structured Forms is a forms processing SDK that enables users to integrate basic forms technology into their current application. This SDK has a variety of functionalities that enable form identification, data capture, and scanned document cleanup.

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FormSuite for Structured Forms

FormSuite for Invoices

Using our FormSuite for Invoices solution, you can create an innovative accounts payable software with all the premium components of semi-structured forms processing. Our invoice processing SDK offers fast, accurate data capture using innovative OCR technology to process scanned invoices.

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Learn how FormSuite for Structured Forms helps developers add forms processing technology into their application and enhances RPA solutions. Accusoft’s forms processing technology identifies and detects data from user-filled forms. Then, RPA can extract data from those common forms. The forms processing server grabs images, processes the information, and transfers the data to the RPA bot. Using this output, the RPA bot can easily transfer the data into a legacy system. 

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James Upchurch Software Engineer II

James Upchurch joined Accusoft in 2017 as a software engineer and currently works on Accusoft’s SDKs including FormSuite, SmartZone, and ImagXpress. He graduated from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with a focus in project management and application design. Now, his interests are customer advocacy and improving engineering processes. Away from work, James enjoys biking around Tampa, playing guitar, writing, and strength training.

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