Technical FAQs for "FormSuite for Structured Forms"


What quality should my images be for processing form data and recognition using FormSuite?


In all cases, you want to have your images as clear and as clean as possible. For any particular procedure, please consider the following:

OCR and ICR: Capture images in at least 300 DPI resolution. Ideally, working in black and white allows the objects of interest on your image to be better defined and recognized. Free the image form all noise as much as possible. As if a human were reading it, you want the text objects on the image to be as legible as possible. For ICR, ensure that the characters are printed (no cursive text, etc).

Barcode recognition: As with OCR and ICR, capture images in at least 300 DPI and working with black and white content can provide excellent results. Ensure that the bars in the barcodes are clearly defined on the image and are not mal-formed (for example, the barcodes should have the proper start and stop sequence, etc). Clear as much noise from the image as possible.

Forms matching and registration: As with the prior 2 items above, capture your documents in at least 300 DPI. Ensure that your resolution is consistent between your form templates and incoming batch images. Form templates should only contain data that is common to every image that is being processed (i.e. Form fields, the text that appears on the blank form itself, etc). The template should not have filled-in field information as this will affect the forms matching process.