Optical Mark Recognition for C# in FormSuite for Structured Forms

Form processing has never been easier with FormSuite for Structured Forms. Including an advanced C# OMR feature, this SDK allows you to recognize and process answers on fillable forms like bubble sheets used for educational testing, surveys, financial applications, and more.

FormAssist is a demo application included with FormSuite that lets you configure OMR operations and processes filled images. Included in FormSuite, our SDK also contains FormFix which enables developers to build powerful form processing applications which include form recognition, registration, dropout, image cleanup, C# OMR, and more.

Detect Signatures With C# OMR in FormSuite for Structured Forms

FormSuite for Structured Forms is designed for production-ready forms processing. Built with technology that enables developers to capture large amounts of data, FormFix technology was chosen for the second decade in a row for the Decennial United States Census.

FormSuite for Structured Forms enables your users to check that all of the fields for signatures have been filled in. For example, large contracts like mortgages have several fields for the applicant to sign. FormSuite ensures that none of these pages are missing signatures.

With extensive C# OMR technology, FormSuite for Structured Forms is able to read multiple marks on forms. Whether it is a single markup or multiple markups on the page, everything is processed through the C# OMR feature.

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