Scan and Clean Your Document or Image With FormSuite

Your users' forms should be displayed with clarity and accuracy. Scanners often introduce issues during the process of digitizing paper-based forms for processing. Whether the issue is low contrast, specks, or a skewed image, FormSuite for Structured Forms has a solution. Our document image cleanup toolkit ensures that you have the most accurate representation of your original file, yielding a more accurate data extraction.

FormSuite has a variety of features for digital forms, but one of the most important is image cleanup. Make sure that your user's forms appear as clean and professional as possible.

Document Image Cleanup Toolkit Functionalities

How does document image cleanup work in FormSuite? When your users scan their forms containing valuable data, FormSuite for Structured Forms extracts the fields of hand-printed text, typed text, check marks, or bubbles. Then, it enhances the image for improved recognition with the following document image cleanup capabilities:

  • Color and Bitonal Image Cleanup
  • Automatic Binarization
  • Deskew and Despeckle
  • Dot Shading Removal and Line Removal
  • Character Smoothing
  • Inverse Text Correction
  • Hole Punch Removal and More

FormSuite for Structured Forms uses Accusoft's ScanFix technology to clean up your documents and images. With this document image cleanup toolkit, you can enhance a document or image before it's ever processed. You can even enable a specific field to be handed off to an OCR engine.

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Image Cleanup

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