Integrate a Form Recognition Toolkit Into Your Next Application

Integrate a form recognition toolkit that allows your users to recognize forms and obtain data from form fields. No more manual data entry required. FormSuite recognizes forms based on the template that you create. Then, it extracts the data automatically.

How does it work? When your users are setting up their forms process, they will load blank templates of the forms they want to use into the system. Once any completed forms are scanned in, FormSuite will recognize the completed forms and match them to the templates in order to capture the appropriate data. It doesn't matter if the forms are scanned upside down or sideways, or if they are a different resolution than the original form, FormSuite will recognize it.

How FormSuite for Structured Forms Recognizes Information

When you integrate FormSuite into your website or application, your users will be able to process and identify digital forms. FormSuite provides confidence values for each form field it recognizes to ensure accuracy in processing data.

FormSuite includes optical mark recognition (OMR), so your users can extract data from filled in bubbles or check boxes. Whether these responses were typed into form fields or marked in a bubble box, this form recognition toolkit captures the data and reports the results with confidence values.

Using Form Dropout for optical character recognition (OCR), FormSuite for Structured Forms eliminates the guide text in a form field so that the OCR only reads data from the person who filled in the form.

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1. Original Image

Original Image

2. Enhanced Image

Enhanced Image

3. Identified Form

Identified Form

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Aligned Image

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