PrizmDoc® for Java Integrations: Alfresco

When PDF.js Is Not Enough

  • Extensive Format Support: One viewer for all your formats, including AFP, PDF, MS Office, DWG, TIFF, MOV, audio files and more
  • High-Speed Viewing for Large Files: Document rendering and processing is split between the server and browser to deliver high-speed response
  • Advanced Features and Functions: Annotate, redact, split & merge, document comparison and more
  • Our Own Library: We own and manage the majority of our format library so we don’t have to rely on third-party software to support formats

Easy To Use In Any Environment

  • True Cross-Platform Support: Flexible architecture for Cloud, On-Prem & Hybrid deployments
  • No Downloads: Client-side installation is not required and no need to invoke the creator application (Adobe or MS Office)
  • Complete Mobility: Access your documents from any device that supports a web browser including tablets and smartphones.
  • Highly Configurable: The vast number of administration configuration options provides greater control over the user’s viewing experience. In addition, users can further tailor their own view by adding and removing options you allow through the User Preferences toolbar.


Quick Installation & Integration

  • Quick & Easy Installation: Installing PrizmDoc® for Java takes less than 10 minutes for POCs on any desktop, laptop, and virtual machine.
  • ADF Support: Built with Angular technology on the Application Development Framework (ADF), PrizmDoc® for Java for Alfresco provides a rich set of reusable Angular based UI components and services, command-line tooling and JavaScript and rest APIs that make it easy for developers to create responsive web applications that can be deployed and embedded on top of the platform.
  • APIs (Javascript & REST APIs) / Callbacks: We have a library of APIs and developer tools to make integrating and leveraging the technology simple and easy.
  • Evaluations Made Easy: Available to eval in a Docker container.

Docker Container


The Solution for IDVP

Stop (IDVP) Inadequate Document Viewer Performance and get the results you deserve. If you are experiencing any of the following IDVP symptoms*:

  • Documents and images that render slowly
  • Inability to meet compliance mandates
  • Decreased throughput
  • Difficulty opening legacy formats or complex documents

We have the solution. Watch the video to see if PrizmDoc® for Java may be right for you.

*This is a partial list. PrizmDoc® for Java solves many more IDVP symptoms.