Key Features:

  • Scanning and compression
  • Barcode and OCR Recognition
  • Viewing, annotation, and printing
  • Image editing and processing
  • Plus PDF and vector support
SDK Support Offered For:
.NET 32/64-bit
New Features
Recognitio Recognition

  • Improved OCR capabilities in 32-bit and 64-bit toolkits
  • Faster read speed for QR, Data Matrix and PDF417 barcodes
  • Improvements in accuracy for PDF417, QR Codes, Data Matrix and 1D barcodes

  • Display Office files as vector SVG content
  • Introduced vector (SVG) rendering for PDF documents to ASP.NET controls
  • Added client side JavaScript API to print content directly from ASP.NET controls
  • Enabled server side compression for transferring SVG data to reduce the amount of network traffic when viewing vector documents
  • Improved mouse interaction functionality of the JavaScript controls
  • Enhanced rendering of PDF documents in the viewer and thumbnail controls on 64-bit systems
  • Introduced JavaScript customization API for editing and localization of the right click context menu
  • Faster rendering of raster images
  • Better web viewing fidelity of Office and PDF documents

  • Ability to convert Microsoft Office Open XML documents to PDF
  • Updated PDF and PS libraries to support new PDF and PS files
  • Introduced the ability to convert PDF documents to Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files
  • Improved rendering of PDF content on 32-bit and 64-bit systems
  • Improved memory usage when loading and releasing PDF page content and resolved memory leaks
  • Optimized speed performance and output file size of the PDF/A converter

  • DICOM metadata API was extended to decode string values specified in the additional encodings
Microsoft Office Support Microsoft Office Support

  • Introduced support for Microsoft Office Open XML Excel and PowerPoint charts
  • Rendering of Microsoft Office Open XML Excel and PowerPoint Files have been updated
  • Added support for loading and rendering macro-enabled office formats
  • Memory use and performance optimization for loading and releasing Office documents
  • Additional miscellaneous enhancements for rendering content of Microsoft Office Open XML Word and Excel files
  • Updated rendering of Microsoft Office Open XML Word and PowerPoint Files to support embedded EMF content
  • Introduced rendering support for DOCX shading patterns
  • Introduced new methods to allow rendering of DOCX files with opaque headers and footers
  • Text Extraction for MS Office Word (DOCX) documents
  • Improved Office Open XML reader for DOCX, PPTX and XLSX formats
  • Rendering support for more DrawingML shapes and other elements
  • Optimized conversion of large Excel and PowerPoint documents to PDF
Annotation Annotation

  • Optimized the API for adding annotation marks to a page for better speed and memory consumption
  • Added an API for scaling the annotation marks for better use on PDF documents and raster images with different resolutions
Annotation AutoCAD

  • AutoCAD 2014 Support
  • Enhanced DWG and DXF reader to support loading of AutoCAD files up to version 2014
  • Improved DWG and DXF writer to support saving to AutoCAD 2010 and AutoCAD 2013 versions