ImageGear Features: AcroForms

ImageGear has a variety of features and functionalities for all of our platforms. See what options are available in your preferred platform.


ImageGear’s advanced AcroForms SDK provides robust forms functionality. If you’re developing in .NET or Linux, our AcroForms SDK allows you to add, update, or delete AcroForm fields to new or existing PDFs.

Give your users a way to read and write data from form fields without ever leaving your website or application.

Operating Systems

Enhance Your Application With Forms

Need to give your users access to digital forms? Easily pre-populate form fields allowing users to write data into forms straight from your website or application. Add form fields to the PDFs including:

  • Checkboxes
  • Text Fields
  • List Boxes
  • Combo Boxes
  • Radio Boxes

ImageGear also allows low level access to PDFs so your users can access virtually any document or AcroForm straight from your website or application.

The Acroforms Custom Widget allows for the customization of fields, including: text font or size, background color, border styles and more.

Adobe Acroforms file flattening by removing interactivity from a PDF file and embedding the content into the PDF.