ImageGear Features: Asian OCR

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ImageGear now has a new feature that adds to its already advanced optical character recognition capabilities. With support for Asian languages, ImageGear offers OCR for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Language Support

Asian languages with horizontal and vertical text are supported in the Asian OCR edition. The languages supported are:

  • Chinese – Traditional
  • Chinese – Simplified
  • Japanese
  • Korean

Automatic Language Detection Technology*

ImageGear uses auto-language detection technology to complete OCR for documents, including those with Asian text. Visit the ImageGear documentation to learn more about how this functionality can help your business succeed in Asian markets.

Asian OCR Output Formats

Formatted output is created by using all of the recognition information (font detail, located image areas, and recognized table structure information) to reconstruct a representation of the original document. The Asian Edition leverages the power of the OCR engine to create the robust formatted output of document images with Asian language.

Asian Edition Output Formats:

  • Text documents
  • PDF*

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* Currently available only in ImageGear for .NET.