ImageGear Features: Image Compression

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Image Compression

ImageGear provides comprehensive image compression for a wide variety of image file types. This powerful SDK can be integrated into your .NET/C# application without the need for any special expertise in imaging technology or image compression algorithms.

ImageGear supports the following image compression types:

  • CCITT Group 3 Compression
  • CCITT Group 3 2D Compression
  • CCITT Group 4 Compression
  • Deflate Compression
  • Huffman Compression
  • Lossy JPEG Compression
  • Lossless JPEG Compression
  • Progressive JPEG Compression
  • LZW (Lempel-Ziv-Welch) Compression
  • Packbits Compression
  • RLE Compression


Image Comression

Unrivaled Image Compression

ImageGear utilizes patented technology developed over more than 25 years of research and experience to perform multiple types of image compression. With multiple image compression algorithms to choose from, ImageGear makes it easy to quickly and safely reduce the size of your image files without sacrificing quality or file integrity. The SDK supports multiple image formats (including JPEG, TIFF, and PNG) to help your application reduce file sizes, conserve disk space, and speed up file load times to deliver an enhanced user experience. ImageGear allows you to manually select your preferred image compression format or instead allow the SDK to choose the best algorithm automatically to optimize the size and resolution of displayed files.

ImageGear’s advanced image compression integrates easily into .NET/C# applications so developers can enhance their applications:

  • Faster load times for image files
  • Supports 1D, 2D, and 3D image compression
  • Compresses image file metadata
  • Little to no loss in image quality regardless of image compression process utilized
  • Automatic safeguards prevent output image file from being larger than input
  • Customize the type and amount of image compression used
  • Continually evolving image compression technology in regular ImageGear releases


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