ImageGear Features: Viewing & Display

ImageGear has a variety of features and functionalities for all of our platforms. See what options are available in your preferred platform.
Viewing Features

ASP.NET Document Viewer

Build Windows-based viewers using ASP.NET, WinForms, or WPF. Also build viewers with DLLs. Use shared libraries for Linux and Unix applications or frameworks for Mac OS X applications.

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HTML5 Document Viewer

ImageGear.NET now offers an HTML5 viewer, an ASP.NET sample/framework for viewing over 45 file formats through your web browser, including: Office, PDF, PS, CAD, JPEG 2000, RAW, JPG, PNG, Medical (DICOM) and many others. The viewer allows for pagination, zooming capabilities and annotations. Includes a Markup layer interface to associate multiple annotation files with a single document

GUI Features for Your Document Viewer

The advanced viewing features in this document imaging library can be added rapidly into your applications including GUI features such as common dialogs for image loading, saving, processing, and more. High-speed display provides complete control over how your application displays images.

Shorten development efforts by using GUI functions that simplify the implementation of several sophisticated GUI features. Provide a better UX with thumbnail creation for easy navigation of folders and multi-page files. The product includes common dialogs for image loading, saving, processing, and more.

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Viewing Images with High-Speed Display in ImageGear

What features can you expect from ImageGear’s display and viewing functionality?

  • ImageGear for .NET includes support for WinForms, ASP.NET, and WPF;
  • High-speed display gives you more authority over how your application displays images;
  • Smooth jagged edges with anti-aliasing on color and black and white images;
  • Includes GUI features such as common dialogs for image loading, saving, annotations, zoom and pan processing, and more; and
  • Customizable context menu within the viewer allows the viewer to meet the needs of the application.