ImageGear Includes Exclusive Features for CAD Files

Convert CAD files to SVG, PDF or other image formats

Need to convert CAD files into PNG, SVG, PDF or other image formats? ImageGear now allows you to run conversions while having full control over the features of your CAD drawings:

  • Adjust perspective, zoom and rotation before conversion
  • Separate the layers from your CAD drawing into separate images, separate pages in a PDF, or a layered SVG image
  • Add or change light sources before converting

Convert CAD drawings to 3D PDFs

Need to maintain full 3D functionality without having to use CAD software to view the file? ImageGear now supports converting to PRC format so end users can have a full 3D viewing experience right inside their PDF viewer.

Make CAD files searchable

We've added a function in ImageGear to extract text from CAD drawings, so you can allow users to search in your content management system and find CAD drawings based on the text in the drawing.

Convert CAD files to SVG, PDF or other image formats.

Add CAD viewing into your applications

Quickly allow end users to view and annotate CAD drawings within your application. Viewing controls allow for zoom, orbiting and perspective change, with support for WPF or WinForms. Or use ImageGear's CAD to SVG function to make CAD drawings viewable in a web browser.

Here are more of the new CAD features in ImageGear.NET:

  • Easy integration into new or existing .NET applications
  • Features for color palette changes and color optimization
  • Add/change light source in 3D CAD files
  • Export to raster or vector (e.g. SVG) image files
  • Support for AutoCAD 2018
  • Support for DWG, DGN and DXF file types
  • Complete 3D viewer for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and WinForms

End users can enjoy enormous cost savings in using the new functionality in ImageGear.NET. They have no need to make a separate investment in CAD software when your applications already provide all the features they want!

Convert CAD drawings to 3D PDFs

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