Document Imaging Library Features

The ImageGear document and imaging library includes a wide variety of features to help you build your application quickly. You can find the entire document imaging lifecycle, from scanning and document creation through printing, viewing, and archiving, in the ImageGear library's feature set.

If you're looking for a Java image processing toolkit, take a look at the features in ImageGear for Java.

Document File Formats

Gain complete control over 100+ file formats and access all pages of a multi-page document with ease.
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Image File Formats

Give your applications the ability to handle image formats like JPEG, DWG, camera raw, and more.
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Viewing and Display

Add advanced viewing features to your website or application. Learn more »


Convert images from one format to a variety of others in seconds with our document conversion SDK!
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PDF Library

Read, write, and edit PDF files in this robust, multi-platform, multi-language SDK. Learn more »


Maintain compliance with PDF archiving and long-term preservation. Learn more »


Easily integrate interactive forms into your application with ImageGear’s Acroforms function. Learn more »


Supports auto- or user-defined zone capture in 100+ languages. Learn more »

Asian OCR

Advanced recognition and capture for Asian languages. Learn more »


Add, edit, and burn-in XML-based annotations.
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Image Processing

Enable powerful image cleanup, correction, and transformation functions. Learn more »


Maximize image print quality and control while minimizing integration time and effort. Learn more »


Robust scanning capabilities from web apps, ISIS scanners, or TWAIN scanners. Learn more »

PDF Compression for .NET

Comprehensive PDF file compression SDK for C# or .NET. Learn more »

CAD Files

Process, convert, and view CAD files with included functionality for 3D PDFs. Learn more »