OCR Xpress - OCR library for Java, C, C++, and Node.js

OCR SDK Pricing

The pricing for OCR Xpress for Java, C, or C++ on Linux is listed below. All pricing varies based on product, deployment, and other variables. For clarifications or assistance in the purchasing process contact us for more information.

Available for Node.js
Available for Java on 64-bit Linux
Available for C/C++ on 64-bit Linux


Toolkit OCR Xpress – 1 Developer License (Your choice of platform)







Runtime OCR Xpress Deployment Licenses price per core (minimum 2 cores)





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Licensing is annual unless contracted otherwise as OEM or ISV
No Pricing is final until formally quoted in writing by Accusoft, as this sheet is subject to change without notice
Please contact us for more information at sales@accusoft.com

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For distribution quantities over 50, additional discounts are provided through a Software License Agreement. Please contact us for more information or email sales@accusoft.com.