OCR Xpress - OCR library for Java, C, C++, and Node.js

OCR SDK Tech Specs

The technical specifications for OCR Xpress for Java, C, or C++ on Linux provide developers with information on framework options, compatible programming environments, sample code, and current builds available.

Available for Node.js
Available for Java on 64-bit Linux
Available for C/C++ on 64-bit Linux

development environments

Linux 64-bit

Java 1.7 and later on 64-bit Linux
C/C++ on 64-bit Linux


64-bit Linux
Windows 7 and later
Windows Server 2012 and later

current builds for OCR Xpress v3

Download and reinstall the SDK to get the latest libraries. Existing registration data will be preserved.

Node.js v4.0
C/C++/Java v4.0