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Products Designed for Developers


PrizmDoc® is a collection of REST APIs that developers can integrate into their web-based applications for secure document viewing, conversion, search, annotation, redaction, and spreadsheet editing.

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PrizmDoc® for Java

PrizmDoc® for Java, formerly VirtualViewer®, is a collection of Java-based APIs designed for integration into web-based applications, providing document viewing, annotation, redaction, page manipulation, and multiple conversion capabilities.

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PrizmDoc for Java


ImageGear is a developer toolkit built to enhance applications with image processing, PDF manipulation, multi-file conversion and rendering, OCR, and compression.

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RasterMaster is a Java-based developer toolkit that supports multi-file conversion, rendering, manipulation, and compression when added to an application.

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Solve business challenges with software integrations for your enterprise application

Empower your industry application with the ability to streamline processes, increase productivity, and enhance document security.


Secure viewing, search, redaction, annotation, and collaboration on case files.

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View and securely share documents for loan processing, credit approvals, investment accounts and more.

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Manage documents for insurance claims with secure viewing, collaboration, and processing tools.

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Process information requests with tools for streamlining search and redaction of PII.

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Tools for processing admission documents, viewing course curriculum, and annotating assignments

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Dedication to Innovation

For more than 30 years, Accusoft has been dedicated to delivering innovative solutions in document processing, conversion, and automation. Our technology is backed by dozens of groundbreaking patents that allow us to provide unique software integrations that expand the capabilities of your applications.

We stand behind our technology and are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure our customers successfully implement the functionality they need. That’s why our engineering team works tirelessly to provide technical support and develop new features that address real-world business challenges.

Our Culture

At Accusoft, we believe that hard work, tenacity, and passion drive innovation, and having fun is an important part of that journey. We’re proud of our heritage, and we’re excited about our future. With over 40 patents to showcase our ingenuity, we thrive on individual growth and collective success.