PrizmDoc Suite

Fast, flexible access to robust document functionality for use in web applications.

Through a collection of RESTful APIs and UI components, the PrizmDoc Suite helps web developers embed document viewing, editing, processing, and conversion into their applications with ease.

Deliver the Functionality Your Users Want Anytime, Anywhere


Display dozens of file types within a browser without the need to download or open native applications.

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Create documents on the fly and view, edit, and collaboratively work on them from web applications.

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A collection of collaboration APIs offer markup, comparison, redaction, and approval tools in a single platform.

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Convert over 50 different file formats like DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX to PDF, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, or SVG with ease.

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Auto-detect form fields to convert documents into forms that can be filled in, signed, and completed online.

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Multiple Deployment Options to Fit Your Specific Needs


"I'm just getting started and want to test-drive your solutions for my company's use cases."

Solution: Connect to a fully managed backend on Accusoft's public cloud.

Private Cloud-Hosted

"The public cloud exceeds my risk tolerance but I still need the scalability modern apps demand."

Solution: Connect to a fully managed backend on Accusoft's private cloud.


"I need my data to remain internal and require more control over server configuration options."

Solution: Host the PrizmDoc server on your own infrastructure.

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PrizmDoc Viewer

A customizable document viewer with robust backend functionalities to deliver seamless web and mobile viewing experiences to your users.

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PrizmDoc Editor

A web-enabled document editor to deliver in-browser document creation, editing, and collaboration functionality to your users.

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