Accusoft PDF Viewer

Add powerful PDF viewing and annotation features to your web application with no servers or plugins


Expand Your Software’s PDF Potential

Accusoft PDF Viewer is a JavaScript SDK that easily integrates into your web application to enable PDF viewing and annotation features with no server dependencies. With a responsive UI, lightning-fast search, and high-quality rendering, this lightweight viewer makes it easy to deliver dynamic PDF experiences across all devices. 

How simple is it? Add PDF viewing capabilities to your web
application with just 10 lines of code:

<script src=""></script>
<div id="viewer"></div>
  (async () => {
    const pdfViewer = await window.Accusoft.PdfViewerControl.create({
      sourceDocument: '',
      container: document.getElementById('viewer')

Accusoft PDF Viewer Benefits

Faster Deployment
100% Client-Side Deployment

Our JavaScript-based PDF SDK runs entirely within the browser to improve your application’s performance and reliability.

No Dependencies
No External Dependencies

PDF viewing takes place within your secure web application. No third-party plugins or external software installation needed.

Fast, Easy Installation

Add just a few lines of code to your existing web application to start viewing PDFs right away and get to market faster.

Mobile Ready

Easily view and interact with documents on any screen size thanks to controls optimized for out-of-the-box mobile support.

Support You Can Count On!
Support You Can Count On

Receive world-class support and get immediate access to the latest features and updates as they are released.

Proven PDF.js Foundation

We built our innovative features upon the popular foundation of PDF.js to ensure reliable document rendering.

Key Features

Provide an optimal PDF viewing experience for your users

Responsive UI

View and interact with PDFs on any device.


Choose from a variety of markup options.


White label and add/remove toolbar elements.

Fast Search

Get near-instant results with full-text search.


Electronically sign PDFs with freehand drawing.

High-Quality Rendering

Ensure images stay sharp at all zoom levels.

Responsive UI

The optimized viewer UI adapts seamlessly from desktop displays to smaller mobile screens.

  • Out-of-the-box mobile interface
  • Pinch to zoom support
  • Full screen view on all devices
*Standard and Professional


We currently provide a variety of annotation tools (with more on the way):

  • Freehand
  • Text Highlighting
  • Rectangles/Squares
  • Ovals/Circles
  • Lines/Lines with Arrows
*Professional only
Accusoft PDF Viewer Annotation


Deliver our functionality under your brand with a white labeling option that creates a seamless application experience. Customize the UI to your liking with toolbar elements that can be added or removed.

*Professional only
Accusoft PDF Viewer Customization

Lightning-Fast Search

Find what you need at the speed of light! Accusoft PDF Viewer’s full-text asynchronous search functionality delivers near-instant results while maintaining blazing fast viewer performance, even when viewing lengthy PDF files.

*Standard and Professional


Allow users to quickly sign documents on computers, tablets, and smartphones. Using the new freehand annotation tool, they can easily draw an electronic signature using a mouse, stylus, or finger.

*Professional only
Accusoft PDF Viewer e-Signature

High-Quality Rendering

Dynamic PDF rendering delivers a superior viewing experience.

  • Maintains image clarity when zooming
  • Renders sharp text on high DPI screens
  • Responsive viewer adapts to screen size
*Standard and Professional

PDF Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Accusoft PDF Viewer comes in two editions for your PDF viewing, markup, and customization needs.  Whether you’re after a simple and free viewing option or more robust and customizable functionality, Accusoft has a solution. Explore the capabilities you can add to your application in the table below.

Accusoft PDF Viewer Solutions

Start a Trial

Accusoft PDF Viewer

Get started right away. Just insert a few snippets of code to add mobile-friendly viewing to your web app.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows: last two versions of chromium based browsers such as Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome
  • Mac: last two versions of Safari
  • iOS/iPadOS: native Safari browser (latest)
  • Android: native Chrome browser (latest)

We support the latest versions of chromium based browsers on desktops. For mobile, we support the latest Chrome browser on Android and latest version of Safari on iOS / iPadOS.

Since modern browsers auto update we test our product against the latest stable build for each platform. If you’re a few versions behind, in general, you should have no issues using the product.

Accusoft PDF Viewer Documentation

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