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PrizmDoc Editor features

White Label

Match the UI to the look and feel of your application and company’s branding and customize the interface.


Compatible with any platform or language. Integrate into CRM, CMS and project management platforms.


Flexible Cloud and On-Premise deployment offerings that are scalable to your business needs.

Securely view, edit and collaboratively work with documents in your application

Never again lose control of your documents by either emailing drafts back and forth or requiring a document to be downloaded edited then uploaded. Users can complete all edits on the same document in one place with no downloading!

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White-label and customize

PrizmDoc Editor is a white-labeled product, you can remove all reference to PrizmDoc on the UI. Configure the stock interface to group and organize menu items to suit your application. Toolbar items can be removed or reorganized, and with the addition of separators, create visual groups to suit your needs.

More great features

.docx support

Secure editing for your .docx files. View, create, edit and collaboratively work on documents in your application.

Font substitution

Allows documents with fonts that are not loaded in the system to be opened and edited without the need of installing a new font for that document


Tag areas of a document with relevant information and communicate to other users within the document

Hyperlink support

Supports internal links in a table of contents, as well as support for linking to information outside of the document for reference purposes

Spell check

Identification and correction of misspelled words

Extensive browser support

Support for the most popular browsers: Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Track changes

Ability to see what changes were made to a document by other users and accept or reject changes

Table support

View, edit, and create tables in documents

Multiple document sections

Support of section breaks to separate a document into multiple sections for individualized formatting

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