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Prizm Content Connect displays dozens of document and image file types while allowing people to view, annotate, redact, search, and sign. Our responsive HTML5 document viewer integrates easily into your website, custom applications and SharePoint. Explore our feature set below and then sign up for your free 30-day trial.

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Prizm Application Service (PAS)
  • PAS eliminates the need for our web tiers to communicate with PCC conversion service, greatly reducing the amount of code needed to build applications.
  • Web tier sample code is no longer required which provides huge benefits for developers wanting to build their own applications, especially with other languages and frameworks.

Headers & Footers
  • Burn header and footer information into documents.
  • Add metadata such as source, creation date, created by, and other fields.

Windows 10 Server Support
  • PCC 10.5 will support Windows 10.

PCC Installer
  • PCC now installs in both Windows and Linux as a self-hosted solution.

Product enhancements for this release include:
Annotation Burning
  • Burn annotations into PDFs and print them for easy review and collaboration.
SVG Optimization
  • New polyline simplification algorithm renders images quicker with no quality degradation.
  • Reduces SVG file size by up to 85%, reduces storage space used by complex files, and allows users to easily view and manage files.
Fixed Search Terms
  • Pre-defined search terms can be added in the search field dropdown allows users to choose common words or phrases for search.
  • Search words can be requested by users and programmed by developer as fixed search terms.

CAD XREF support
  • Upgraded to support CAD XREF.
  • Drawings linked to by XREFs will now be displayed and viewable.

eSignature enhancements
  • Multi-user signature forms allow you to track who has signed a document in instances where multiple signatures are required in a workflow.

conversion upgrade
  • Merge multiple documents and different file types (CAD, TIFF, Office) into one PDF.

view Visio and .vsd files
  • Enhanced viewer now supports Visio and .vsd viewing.

other improvements include
  • Updated scripts to make installation easier for Linux administrators.
  • Windows installation and upgrade improvements.

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