Extend SharePoint’s interface by providing the fastest, most feature-rich, universally accessible content viewing platform.

Desktop or mobile, get fast, secure access to Microsoft Office files, PDFs, CAD, medical DICOM and more. Protect sensitive information with redaction tools and the ability to selectively disable printing, downloading and clipboard copying by user or group. Quickly view any document from a hit list with integrated SharePoint search. Display dozens of document, image and message file types in any browser.

Prizm Viewer for SharePoint is a high-fidelity document viewer that integrates seamlessly into Microsoft SharePoint. Offering fast viewing without the need to download any plugin or player software on client devices and requiring no advanced farm configuration, Prizm Content Connect is the single viewer you need for all of your content. Share and collaborate on information throughout the enterprise by empowering users to access almost any document type, while ensuring content security and control.

protect content and intellectual property

Use Prizm Viewer’s control access to set user permissions for user functions including printing, downloading, clipboard copying, and ability to annotate and redact. These permissions can be controlled by leveraging your existing SharePoint security groups through an intuitive administrative interface. By adding user permissions on the document, you remain in control.

document collaboration

Your team can collaborate on dozens of document types within a single user-friendly interface, without needing the file types’ native applications installed. Within SharePoint use Prizm Viewer’s annotation and redaction features, and save markups with the document back in the repository. Collaborating within the SharePoint system helps streamline the document review and approval process and reduces decision-making time.

integrated SharePoint search

Search for documents within SharePoint and view them directly in Prizm Viewer for SharePoint. The integration can be used in concert with any third-party search module or with the default SharePoint search. You can preview documents from hit lists or select full documents for viewing, making the challenging job of finding the right content within a large repository a breeze.

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