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Yes. When creating an instance of the Editor in your web application, you can configure what the end user's name and initials should be for track changes. Additionally, you have the option to allow the end user to edit their name and initials. PrizmDoc Editor itself has no user account system; that's the responsibility of your application. However, when you create an editing session, you can easily configure PrizmDoc Editor to use the username and initials which your application requires. Refer to the PrizmDoc Editor API documentation for more information.
Yes. You can easily remove the download option from the editor menu. Additionally, to completely prevent someone from being able to manually download the document via a network request, you should configure your proxy or web tier to prevent access to the REST API route that supports the download option (GET /api/v1/sessions/:sessionId/document). Refer to the PrizmDoc Editor API documentation for more information.
Yes. By default, the editor menu has a download option that lets the user download the current state of the document as a DOCX file.
Not yet, but soon. We're working on an option which will let you connect your PrizmDoc Editor server to the powerful conversion services available in our separate PrizmDoc Viewer product, which is available as part of our fully-managed PrizmDoc Cloud or self-hosted offering. In this scenario, there will be a Download as PDF option in PrizmDoc Editor.
We are working on providing you a way to provide us with your own licensed fonts to be used. Watch for this feature in an upcoming release.
No. PrizmDoc Editor is tolerant of network connectivity problems like bad WiFi. However, if PrizmDoc Editor loses connectivity with the server for too long, editing functionality will be disabled until the network connectivity can be reestablished.
With PrizmDoc Editor, most of the processing is done in the client browser. This makes the server hardware requirements quite modest. Due to this operation, there is no need for a complex server sizing guide. Just use any server which meets our minimum hardware requirements (3.75 GiB memory, 1 vCPU, 4 GB SSD storage; in AWS, an m3.medium).
PrizmDoc Editor currently only accepts .docx files.
The client currently pings the server every 15 seconds. If it fails to connect or if the license expires and becomes invalid, it will display a dialog indicating that it cannot save changes. The dialog will be dismissed automatically as soon as the connection is restored (or the license becomes valid).
PrizmDoc Editor is delivered as docker image. You can run it on any docker host.
If the font in the document is not a font loaded on the server running PrizmDoc Editor, then Editor will attempt to substitute a font that is closest in appearance to the font used in the document.
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