Collaborative Document Viewer and API

PrizmDoc's collaborative document review API allows developers to easily add editing tools into their applications. Remote team members as well as in-house employees can each collaborate in a document with a variety of review tools. Users can comment and mark up documents using annotation such as:

  • Highlighting
  • Comments
  • Strikethrough
  • Arrows
  • Customizable Stamps

Collaborative Document Review

These annotation tools create an environment for document collaboration and review. As a web-based viewer, PrizmDoc users can collaborate anywhere, anytime from their mobile devices.

If you're still using email to pass your document through the review stages, you're wasting time. You can easily make all of your annotations simultaneously in the same platform. Show or hide individual contributions while maintaining the integrity of the original file.

When all user collaboration is complete, annotations can be removed or burned into the final file. Even if you choose to solidify the changes, a copy of the original remains in an underlying layer of the document. This functionality enables users to mark up, comment, and review all revisions.

Collaboration Across Many Formats

The document collaboration API operates across a variety of file formats including MSO, PDF, CAD, and images. Help your users get their team members on the same page with PrizmDoc's collaboration API.

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