Control the viewer from your application, through easy APIs and exposed events. We also offer a ready-built version for SharePoint 2013.

Prizm Content Connect empowers you to call and control the online viewer from your applicaton with:

  • a powerful API
  • customization options
  • support for all common programming languages
  • exposed JavaScript events and the ability to respond to events
  • exposed viewer events like print, scroll, select text, annotate and more
  • included sample code and complete online help

Prizm Content Connect is integrated every day as the viewing component within a wide variety of vertical market applications. The functionality and user experience of these applications is enhanced by the addition of our fast, easily-integrated online viewer.


Extend SharePoint’s interface by providing the fastest, most feature-rich, universally accessible content viewing platform. Desktop or mobile, get fast, secure access to Microsoft Office files, PDFs, CAD, medical DICOM and more. Protect sensitive information with redaction tools and the ability to selectively disable printing, downloading and clipboard copying by user or group. Quickly view any document from a hit list with integrated SharePoint search. Display dozens of document, image and message file types in any browser.

Prizm Content Connect for SharePoint is a high-fidelity document viewer that integrates seamlessly into Microsoft SharePoint. Offering fast viewing without the need to download any plugin or player software on client devices and requiring no advanced farm configuration, Prizm Content Connect is the single viewer you need for all of your content. Share and collaborate on information throughout the enterprise by empowering users to access almost any document type, while ensuring content security and control.

protect content and intellectual property

Use Prizm Content Connect’s control access to set user permissions for user functions including printing, downloading, clipboard copying, and ability to annotate and redact. These permissions can be controlled by leveraging your existing SharePoint security groups through an intuitive administrative interface. By adding user permissions on the document, you remain in control.

document collaboration

Your team can collaborate on dozens of document types within a single user-friendly interface, without needing the file types’ native applications installed. Within SharePoint use Prizm Content Connect’s annotation and redaction features, and save markups with the document back in the repository. Collaborating within the SharePoint system helps streamline the document review and approval process and reduces decision-making time.

integrated SharePoint search

Search for documents within SharePoint and view them directly in Prizm Content Connect for SharePoint. The integration can be used in concert with any third-party search module or with the default SharePoint search. You can preview documents from hit lists or select full documents for viewing, making the challenging job of finding the right content within a large repository a breeze.


Adapt the look and feel of the viewer to match your needs. Pick colors, fonts and branding. Show or hide controls for printing or copying.

With a wide array of easy-to-implement customization options, Prizm Content Connect adapts to your needs. Support for open CSS empowers you to add branding, choose colors, and hide or show toolbar buttons. You can even localize buttons and tooltips through support for more than 65 languages, or hook the online viewer API to a translation service to deliver real-time, in-line translation of documents into any supported language.

With exposed JavaScript events and the ability to respond to events, a RESTful customization API, and the ability to integrate with virtually all programming languages, the online viewer provides a fast, easy way to add powerful, custom viewing features to any website or application.

The viewer that graces your website or application should bear your stamp, integrate seamlessly into your design, behave the way your users need it to behave. The complete set of customization options in Prizm Content Connect empowers you to deliver the best viewing experience, your way.


Install in any server environment. Enable the Watchdog process, load balancing, multi-server mode, and other server enhancements.

With a minimal impact on existing IT infrastructure, Prizm Content Connect installs easily into most server environments, including Windows Server and Linux Server, and works with any language, including .NET, C#, PHP, ColdFusion and JSP. The included sample code and complete online help make deployment fast and simple.

Server deployment is a snap, but more importantly, there’s no client deployment at all. Users need nothing but an HTML5-compliant browser to view, search and mark-up any document file on any device, with no plugins, players or apps required.

Unlike some methods for file sharing, our online viewer is a true low-footprint application. The viewer’s multitenancy conversion and HTML5 viewing architecture ensure fast performance for users—even on mobile—while not taxing existing servers, networks and processes.

More importantly, Prizm Content Connect saves money by eliminating the cost of native application licenses for users who only need to view, search and mark-up an application’s native file type.


Under programmatic control, tap the viewer to extract text from documents, or rapidly convert to PDF or SVG for standardization or archival

Right out of the box, Prizm Content Connect empowers users to view, search and mark-up virtually any document, image or message file type on any device, desktop or mobile, and gives you the tools to adapt it to your exact needs. But for specific custom applications, the online viewer can do so much more.

Under programmatic control, the online viewer can extract text from any document so it can be processed by content aggregation tools and used for storing, publishing, archiving or searching. On demand or in batch, the viewer can convert its dozens of supported file types to PDF or SVG, for standardization, archival or integration into processes that require a standard file type. Every day, customers are finding new, creative ways to tap the power of Prizm Content Connect for more than just viewing.


Add fast, any-device viewing to legal eDiscovery applications, DICOM medical records applications, financial records application

The extensive customization options in Prizm Content Connect make it easy to adapt the viewer and its many functions for a wide range of vertical market applications.

In legal applications, our online viewer provides highly secure, searchable viewing and mark-up for eDiscovery and case review applications. Healthcare software developers have adapted it to provide viewing of medical records and DICOM medical images in their applications. And cloud services providers rely on the viewer to provide any-format, any-device viewing for their customers.

The viewer’s RESTful customization API and complete array of customization parameters give you complete control of branding, the look and feel of the online viewer window, which user controls are displayed or hidden, and much more.

With any-language integration support, exposed JavaScript events and the ability to respond to events, Prizm Content Connect provides a fast, easy way to add powerful, custom viewing features to vertical market applications.

local view

Bring the power of Prizm Content Connect to employee desktops as a local viewer for any file type. Save on software license seats while boosting productivity and IT ROI.

With Prizm Content Connect’s local file viewer, users can view, search, annotate, redact and sign virtually any document, image or message file stored locally on their computers without needing separate applications to handle all the various native file formats. They can view and mark up Microsoft Office files, PDFs, CAD drawings and dozens of other file formats without opening these formats’ native applications.

When users can tap a single, fast viewer for all of their viewing and mark-up needs, for both local and online files, they work more productively because they only need to learn one consistent set of tools. And their employers can save big money on software licensing by not installing local copies of native applications for the dozens of different file formats that some users only need to view and comment on.